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The Guardian of Beauty

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Shell is birthplace of beauty, where the goddess Venus born from.
Shell is a guardian of beauty, though life fades away, it standing still for its guard.
Shell is an evangelist, beautiful and unique each with a story of its own to tell.

Shell Makeup starts our journey in order to complete these missions.
Makeup products are not just about our beauty but every detail is closely related to beauty.We know that the birth of each product is the belief and persistence of beauty. We want to convey these beliefs to consumers through the design.
Let the packaging not only be packaging, but also have a profound meaning and a wonderful image.This is exactly the concept that Shell Makeup wants to convey to everyone through our products.

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The predecessor of Shell Makeup is Chii Lee Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Chii Lee is a plastics manufacturing company founded in 1980 that includes mold making and plastic injection.
We have won many loyal customers with our hard work and down-to-earth business attitude.
We even have received orders from many internationally renowned manufacturers, such as L’Oreal and DHC.
However, with the rise of the financial turmoil and environmental awareness, we gradually realized that if we continue to keep status quo, we will gradually decline.
We decided to start with a brand new brand: Shell Makeup
Because the experience accumulated over the years has made our technology in the production of cosmetic containers more specialized.
Shell Makeup is a new beginning and a milestone.
We will move towards a larger market with the foundation we have been deeply rooted over the years.
Welcome to give us the opportunity to bring you different cosmetic containers and purchasing experience.

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No. 92, Dashe St., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 42946, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


886-4-25272790 #33




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